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We often get told, we don’t really need this new media. After all, we are just doing ok without it so far. But then when we ask them: aren't you worried that you might miss out on new leads and methods of getting in front of the right people at the right time? You might miss out on some very valuable customers? When all the major brands worldwide – from Fortune multinational companies to the small 1 man bands around the corner are benefiting from it, aren't you willing to give it a try and out of curiosity that there might be some merit in it for your business?

 You need to also understand that people’s behaviour on Twitter is a lot different than on Facebook. Twitter timeline moves a lot faster than Facebook. Twitter you really need to post real-time updates to get the best result. Facebook, you have a much better opportunity to have more conversations or chances around a topic. Picture sharing of your work is more appreciated on Facebook than Twitter.

LinkedIn as a platform is for connecting with individuals, getting in touch with professionals and experts and interacting with them rather than advertising your company.

Without a doubt - You really need to use it in a different way. With B2B leads, use social media to build reviews and opinions and let other businesses know what you can offer them. Don’t make the mistake of using social media as any other marketing campaign. Focus on having a two-way dialogue with your audience rather than one-way messaging.

You will find a lot of different articles telling you how to increase your likes, fans and followers. But the first thing you need to understand with social media is that it is better to have 10 engaged followers than 100 non-engaged ones. Yes, numbers do matter to create an impact but do not compromise on quality for the sake of quantity.